The best new disabled vehicle options

We design new disabled vehicle options from the wheelchair in total autonomy. The reduced floor allows you to get in and out of the vehicle from the back, directly to your own wheelchair, using the rear door and the automatic ramp. Through a radio command, the user operates the cycle of opening and recessing of the vehicle that allows a known access inside the car. Two anchor plates are fixed in the position of the front seats to fix both the wheelchair and the original seats. The new disabled vehicle options is equipped with a new rear pneumatic suspension system that allows the vehicle to always maintain the ideal position and the correct height from the ground, regardless of the load and the number of people present in the vehicle. With a single conditioning, you can choose between different interchangeable configurations instantly for the client.

  • Driver in a wheelchair and passenger in the front seat
  • Companion in a wheelchair and driver in the original front seat
  • Driver and passenger in a wheelchair
  • Driver and passenger in the original front seats

4, 5, 6 and 7 * In all cases whenever you can position another wheelchair in the rear of the passenger compartment, without avatar the two rear seats. (* Configuration possible only if the maximum weight allowed is not exceeded).

New disabled vehicle options:

  • Innovation and Personalization
  • We adapt your vehicle with the latest advances in driving aids, transportation and access to the vehicle.
  • The best quality at the best price
  • The best controls for driving and all kinds of solutions for transport

Near your house

With the most important Network of Workshops in the sector, you can adapt your vehicle near your home and travel throughout the country with peace of mind. Each time there is a larger fleet of taxis adapted for people with disabilities. Thanks to the adaptation of their vehicles, taxi drivers open the market to a group of people with needs to move with maximum autonomy.

Traveling by new disabled vehicle options is the most personalized means of transportation that exists after the private vehicle. With the new disabled vehicle options today is comfortable, safe, very practical and within reach of almost everyone. Fortunately, every time there is a larger fleet of taxis adapted for people with disabilities, with reduced mobility and for the elderly. Thanks to the adaptation of their vehicles, new disabled vehicle options drivers open the market to a group of people with needs to move from one place to another with maximum autonomy. In this sense, we could say that an adapted taxi is synonymous with integration and freedom.

For taxi drivers, there are endless solutions and technical aids for your vehicle aimed at making the transport of your passengers easier and safer. Among these, the most requested solution is the installation of electric steps in the side doors. The electric steps save the distance that exists between the street floor and the interior of the vehicle, helping especially the elderly so that the effort of getting on and off the taxi is less.

For passengers traveling in a wheelchair, the installation of folding ramps on the back of the taxi is a very practical solution so that they can get on and off the vehicle in a comfortable and practical way. Also, once inside the vehicle, wheelchairs can be fixed to the ground by installing anchors. These offer the user a stable and safe travel. In the case of those new disabled vehicle options that do not have sufficient height inside so that a passenger in a wheelchair can travel comfortably, the installation of a roof cap becomes the perfect solution. The cap is a modification that is made in a part of the roof so that the traveler can move seated comfortably without the head colliding with the top of the vehicle.

New disabled vehicle options always next to taxi professionals, offers these and many more solutions in adapting vehicles to make life easier and safer for everyone. In this section, we present some of the latest adaptations of vehicles made by the new disabled vehicle options Car team, always at the service of improving the quality of life of people with reduced mobility or disability.

Adaptation of vehicle for person in a wheelchair : Ford Transit Custom fully adapted so that the person with reduced mobility or disability can access the back of the vehicle without any impediment.

INSTALLATION OF GUIDOSIMPLEX MULTIFUNCTION SATELLITE IN VEHICLE : Control unit for activation of lights, turn signals, horn, emergency lights and windshield wipers with one hand. A new disabled vehicle option is specially designed for drivers with reduced mobility.

ADAPTATION OF COMPLETE VEHICLE : Mercedes Vito adapted for disabled people in a wheelchair. Access to the driving area from the rear: automatic gate, electric platform, swivel seat, rim accelerator.

ELECTRIC ANCHORING IN FLOOR FOR FIXING WHEELCHAIR : Installation of an electric anchor in a vehicle adapted to fix a wheelchair to the ground and ensure a comfortable and safe trip for the user with the physical disability. It is an anchoring for manual or electric wheelchairs.

FLOORING OF FLOOR IN RENAULT KANGOO MAXI FOR WHEELCHAIR : Adaptation Renault Kangoo Maxi vehicle to facilitate access and transport of people in wheelchairs inside the car; the vehicle with space for 5 passengers + 1 in a wheelchair.

AUTOMATED RAMP INSTALLATION HYDRAULIC SUSPENSION, VEHICLE ADAPTATION : Ramp into to access the vehicle in a wheelchair adaptation of hydraulic suspension system, and an installation of anchors to fix the chair during the transport.

ELECTRIC LIFTING PLATFORM IN CRUZ RED CRANE : Installation of the electric platform in Nissan NV400 is to favor the access and transport of people in wheelchairs inside; installation of two folding seats and anchors on the floor.

In the professional workshop of our cars, the adaptation has consisted of the transformation of the interior body of the vehicle to achieve the necessary height required by law for the safe and comfortable transport of any person who moves in a wheelchair. The floor recess is made in those vehicles that do not have the interior height that guarantees the correct displacement of a wheelchair patient.

The best and trained personnel for opening and installing the locks

The services offered by the local locksmiths are also varied, they can cover any type of need, so, in the previous search to have the contact of the best locksmith in each neighborhood, and you should check the professional’s specialties before to hire the service. In case the person confirms that he/she makes a copy of the keys, but does not have a website or cannot offer more information, it is advisable to desist from this contract and find a more qualified professional. We are trained and experienced with replacing and mending windows, door, locks and security systems.

To understand the importance of local locksmith services in everyday life, one must first have control over the types of services available. Local locksmiths can offer specialized services in the most different accesses. The most frequent services are in locks and security lockers, common doors, and high-security doors, in domestic and commercial blinds, keys and remote controls, maintenance services and installation of protection devices, among other fast repair and opening services. Reliable locksmiths play an indispensable role in the lives of people, who occasionally can leave their security systems at risk and must rely on locksmiths to get them out of trouble. Come to us as we proffer trained and experienced with replacing and mending windows, door, locks and security systems

We are a locksmith company with more than 10 years of experience offering quality service and warmth, always concerned to meet the needs of our customers. For us, it is important that our clients have the security and peace of mind that our service is timely, ethical and professional. This same service that has characterized us until now, we provide it when dealing with emergencies 24 hours a day. We offer the service of door openings of all kinds, car openings, openings and changes of the combination of safes, change of locks, etc. All our work is guaranteed. Our company provides you 24 hours of service of trained and experienced with replacing and mending windows, door, locks and security systems that is oriented to private homes, condominiums, shops and all types of buildings. Demonstrating to clients that we have the best solution to their needs, we have become the locksmith service company of the highest choice in

Importance of the local locksmith

Taking into account that having the services of a quality local locksmith a is increasingly complicated, finding solutions in times of urgency that offer durability and resistance is not always easy, but it is easier If you know a reliable locksmith in advance to prevent and provide the exit for any urgent situation. And it is in unpleasant cases, such as when you stay locked away from home or car, key jam. Visit us for trained and experienced with replacing and mending windows, door, locks and security systems. In a lock during its opening or closing or when the keys are lost, when you think about the true importance of having A local locksmith service nearby. The best way to ensure minimum discomfort in situations of locksmith problems is to keep the number of a local locksmith on hand at all times.

We provide our professional services to hundreds of people, offering security and security for all your needs for duplicates of all types of keys, as well as openings of locks, change of special combinations. We also carry out the programming of car keys for all models and opening them in the place you indicate. Our service is personalized, we respond to emergencies 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call us we are your best option. We provide the most professional, fast and economic services that can be found in our sector. We carry out any kind of locksmith work, we can solve any problem, be it in houses, commercial premises, offices or companies, also in communities of owners.

We also install commercial closures and all types of automation in metal shutters and garage doors. We have the best equipment for this, true expert professionals capable of meeting any need or problem in the most immediate way and solving it with guarantees. We are the best Trained and experienced in replacing and mending windows, door, locks and security systems

We do any type of locksmith work:

  • An opening of all types of doors, without breaking. Interior and exterior doors; normal, armored or armored; in homes, offices, commerce or industrial warehouses.
  • Change and repair of bowls and locks of any kind. We have a wide catalog to choose from the best brands.
  • Trained and experienced with replacing and mending windows, door, locks and security systems
  • Installation and repair of blinds and metal closures in Cartagena of any kind of commerce or locals
  • Opening of safes, both mechanical opening and digital

Any of these works, and many others, our specialists perform them with skill and speed. We can assure you that we are trustworthy, serious and honest. We have expert technicians accredited and qualified to perform any locksmith work. In addition, we always respond as quickly as possible to any service requested by the client. If the notice is urgent we move immediately to the place you indicate. If it is not, we also guarantee a quick attention. Keep in mind that our jobs are quality and are cheap, we have the best rates you can find, despite this. Ours are always guaranteed services because we lower prices, not quality.

Apart from the Trained and experienced with replacing and mending windows, door, locks and security systems we can still offer more guarantees because we only use products of the highest quality. Our work is the best thanks also to the fact that we use only high-quality materials and tools. In short, we are locksmith experts, the best and most competent in the sector. Whether you need our services urgently or if you do not hurry, call us. We have no competition; we offer the best jobs at the best price.

Enlighten Yourself About The Tiny Fruit Flies And How To Exterminate Them

Fruit flies are small insects that mostly eat fruits and live around them. As well, fruit flies love eating rotting or fermenting foodstuff or other trash. These flies are found all over the world and happen to reproduce extremely fast. A female can mate more than once in her life cycle and lay up to 500 eggs at once. Fruit flies get inside our kitchens by crawling through cracks and holes. They can also be transported from place to place in rotting or bruised produce. Once they enter homes, fruit flies can be so annoying and difficult to remove. That’s why you want to learn more on how to get rid of fruit flies.

Some two main groups of fruit flies exist. These are tephritidae and drosophilidae. The latter are known to have about one thousand, five hundred species while the former consists of up to five thousand species. Researchers are still in the process of understanding this little fly that has incredible love for fruits and vegetables. Regardless of the species, however, the adult fruit fly is two to five millimeters long. All the same, there are varieties that can grow bigger than this and you can mistake them for the big house fly. The tephritidae fruit fly tends to have colorful wings, explaining why they are referred to as peacock flies. Flies from drosophilidae group are reddish, although some have a golden-brown color and clear wings.

Whatever groups you are dealing with, true fruit flies are removed in the same way. The first thing to do in order to deal with an infestation for good is to find the source or the breeding ground. Once you locate this, it will be easy to exterminate the flies that are attacking every area of your home. A fruit fly is known to like dampness. So you are likely to find it in wet places such as your drains. Ensure that you inspect your drains to find out whether the insects are cropping up from there. You can use special drain gels to eliminate flies and their eggs and larvae. Alternatively, pour hot water down your drains if you don’t want to spend on a proper drain gel. A gel will be better than hot water though, as it contains chemicals that would react at once.

Another point to keep in mind is that fruit flies are easy to trap. If you use a scented lure, swarms of them will soon fly to where the nice smell is. Once they get inside the trap, the bugs don’t usually know their way out. So it becomes easy to kill them. As fruit flies love alcohol, a byproduct of yeast when it decomposes, you can make alcohol-based traps. Alternatively, you can make a red wine trap with a glass jar and a paper funnel/cone. Place wine in the jar and then place a well made funnel in it, ensuring that no spaces are left in between. Once the tiny flies sense the smell of wine, they will fly toward the trap and crawl inside the jar. Soon enough they will get drunk or intoxicated and drown in red wine.

You can make other traps with rotting fruit pieces, fruit juice or apple cider vinegar. All are known to work and they are easy to make in whatever quantity you want. Once you place them in strategic positions inside or outside your house, the traps will do exactly what you wish for. If you don’t have time to set up home-made baits, get chemical-based products that are specifically made for killing fruit flies. Another thing on how to get rid of fruit flies is to seek professional help. There are companies that do pest extermination work and all you should do is to search for them.