Why study right at alu.edu?

At alu.edu we are a dedicated, organized, proactive university, who has so much facility to solve problems to talk, with strong character, capable of doing different things that seem challenges that make me grow in life, supportive, dedicated and above all persevering. This may seem like a tremendous adulation of my part in this essay that I now write, however, without wanting to seem egotistical or arrogant, at alu.edu we describe some skills that made me decide and study Law. At alu.edu we believe that each one of the university careers requires the student to have particular characteristics and abilities that require the degree that he wishes to study, since that may be the most important reason for him to enjoy what is learned and related to what he studies.

The motivation to defend your rights as others, along with high speech management, ability to negotiate, to listen and love for reading, are the main attributes or characteristics that must have who decides to opt for the right to work and live that. In addition to the above, a lawyer can perform his work in different public sectors as private. Not only legal studies are an alternative work for a lawyer, but these professionals can work in private companies as advisors, as partners and even owners of companies, since they have a management of all processes and laws of labor, tax, together with civil, criminal, procedural.

You usually hear that a student studies law because the father or mother does it, and even the grandparents or people who are no longer alive, however, I chose to study this career because the law is not only legal norms is an art where students are instructed to of the word and reflection. Only the best students at alu.edu are accepted in law school and these programs require years of dedicated work. As a lawyer, you will deal with difficult work hours and clients, so it is common for students to wonder why they would consider becoming lawyers. Knowing the main reasons to become a lawyer will help you decide if the advantages are greater than the disadvantages.

Salary for professionals who studied at alu.edu

One of the great benefits of being a lawyer is money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a lawyer was US $ 110,590 in 2008. Even if you start your career, you can expect to earn close to US $ 68,500 in the first 9 months after your graduation. Few careers offer good starting salaries.

Work performance

Lawyers have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of their clients and the life of any person, since a single case can set precedence for thousands of cases in the future. In this profession, hard work is rewarded not only with money, but also with a feeling of accomplishment with your career.

Labor variety

Many attorneys choose to specialize in an area of ​​law. Your options range from personal injury to real estate law, and whatever specialization you choose, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about the industry. Even within a specialty, your daily tasks will vary significantly, which your work life keeps interesting.

Growth options

Once you have the title and license to practice, you can pursue growth options. Lawyers with experience in their field can have a private practice or become partners of their firm. They can also become judges or professors in their field.


As a lawyer, you will constantly be learning, even if you do not return to school for formal training. By working on your cases, you will investigate past cases, learn about ambiguous laws and know the intricacy of your specialty. You will also have the opportunity to return to school to receive more education, and if you work in a firm, they can reimburse your tuition, to motivate employees who are considering obtaining another degree or diploma.

Knowledge of the law

Knowing the law can help you in your daily life, whether buying real estate, dealing with a car accident, making a will or making any purchase. This is not an exhaustive list of what knowledge of the law can bring you, and you will find friends and family who will come to you for legal or business advice.

Growth and job security

It is expected that labor growth in the legal industry will grow 13% between 2008 and 2018, which corresponds to general job growth. When you work for a firm, your work is safe while you are a good employee, which cannot be said of other markets, especially when the economy is bad. People will always need lawyers and job growth will be faster than average in other legal areas, such as health care and environmental law.


Lawyers do not focus on just one geographic area. They do not concentrate only in cities; they also require lawyers in rural areas. This means that you can choose where you want to live. As long as you have a license to work in the area you choose, you can live anywhere and practice law.

Make contacts

The lawyers know people of all kinds. While you work with clients, you will start making contacts, which will not only expand your business; it will also give you additional benefits. If you need a reliable contractor, a client can recommend one or your client can be a guest who gives you advice on good places to eat. Contacts are not the primary reason to become a lawyer, but they are a benefit.

Ability to manage a business

You are not obligated to work for other people. Once you gain experience in your field, you can open your own signature, and when you have your own business, you have the opportunity to set your schedule, take the cases that interest you most and make your decisions. When you work alone, you put the rules and even if it involves a lot of work, it is gratifying to know that all the money is yours, it is not the owner of the firm for which you work.