Effortless cleaning of the bathroom with the best stain removal

Some people take cleaning as a very serious job. People even tend to get bonkers with cleaning somehow. Such people are referred to as suffering from OCD (obsessive cleaning disorder). Unlike a few like me, they just love cleaning and possess some kind of a passion for it. It’s like they can feel the misery our tiles, sinks and floors go through and consider it their rightful duty to get a wash regularly. The hardship and the effort it takes to clean does not really bother them. But what about people like us, who do not want to clean. We will have to admit, we do have to clean sometimes, especially when we have visitors. And when this dark cloud hovers upon us, we are left with no choice but to get up and put all our strength into those filthy tiles.

However, you don’t always have to go the hard way. Sometimes, the smart way can also work. We try so many hacks while gaming and other stuff, why not in cleaning. You don’t always have to go and scrub the same tile for six hours straight, when, you can put just a small amount of time and you are good to go.

Therefore, I have brought you guys some great hacks and tips which you can use on your dirty floors and tiles:

  • Let’s start with cleaning your shower. Studies say shower heads carry a lot of bacteria with them. The absence of regular cleaning can transmit billions of germs to your lungs straight away. There are some great products that offer cleaning your bathroom without much of your efforts. However, you can also try out some in-house tricks.

To clean the shower nozzle, what you have to do is pick a plastic bag, fill it with white vinegar. Fill the vinegar enough to submerge the nozzle completely. Now, tie a top knot and hang it on a hook overnight. Rinse it with clean water the next morning. To clean your shower curtains (plastic) and liners, put them in for a spin along a few dry towels. Towels will act as scrubbers and clear off the long-settled dirt and soap over them. Shower doors can be cleaned by mild scrubbing over it. You can use a home-made paste for it by adding a few drops of vinegar to baking soda and apply directly. The paste should be thick so that it sticks easily. Let it stay for around half an hour and remove with a fiber cloth. Since cleaning a tub is not that big of an issue, a weekly scrubbing would do. You can even clean using hot water, that will make the dirt go away easily.

  • The shower head is okay, but what about ceilings, tiles, and walls. Well, you can spray some all-purpose cleaners that many brands provide. Apply the all-purpose cleaner all over the tiles, walls or countertops and spray some hot water over. Do this in a closed room so that the steam built-up would clean it. Let the steam work for around 20 minutes. Once done, rub away the dirt that has come out with a clean fiber cloth. Don’t forget to wipe the floor too, but only after you are done with the rest of the cleaning.

To reduce watermarks on your floor tiles and walls, you can apply a thin layer of car wax. This would make the water slip away and won’t stay to cause marks.

  • Next up is the toilet. This is one of the most disgusting things to do while cleaning. But you got to do what you got to do, right? Therefore, start with gushing some baking soda in the WC bowl. Let it stay for a few minutes, then brush and flush. You can also use a damp pumice stone which would be harsh enough to remove deposits on the bowl. But, it would be mild enough to not damage the surface. After using the stone, use the brush to finally clean it properly. Make sure to clean the toilet brush itself after every use.

To clean the brush, make it stand on the cleaned seat, let it hover. Now add bleach over the brush’s bristles. Let it stay for a few minutes, and then rinse off with clean water. Clean the brush canister as well. Add soapy water in it and let sit for a few minutes. Then pour the dirty water into the bowl.

You should always flush after closing the lid. Use exhaust fans to move bacterium out even before they can settle. You should also keep your toothbrushes and contact lenses in a medicinal kit.

  • Finally, arrives at the sink. For cleaning your sink, you need to pour some vinegar and baking soda over the sink and flush it down the drain, with hot water of course. For bathroom fixtures, you can use disinfectants and wipe them down. This works better than using a cloth as it just spreads germs from one area to another. If you are in habit of using clothes to clean, be specific of what cloth is used where. For narrow areas between the tap handle and the faucet or area where the tap connects the sink can be cleaned by flossing.

Sinks have the highest bacteria count when compared to other bathroom fixtures. Keeping spare towels is a very healthy practice that lets you keep your house clean. Additionally, you can keep an exhaust fan to keep all the humid air out.

No matter how easy the above-mentioned tricks are, I still wish there were some people who could clean up all the mess I create. Oh, wait! These people do exist. Yes. Brands like Cleaners Adelaide actually do this. If you want your house to get back to being spic and span, Connect cleaners Adelaide. If you contact them, they would arrive at your doorsteps and would wipe away all the filth and dirt you have collected over the ages.