The best new disabled vehicle options

We design new disabled vehicle options from the wheelchair in total autonomy. The reduced floor allows you to get in and out of the vehicle from the back, directly to your own wheelchair, using the rear door and the automatic ramp. Through a radio command, the user operates the cycle of opening and recessing of the vehicle that allows a known access inside the car. Two anchor plates are fixed in the position of the front seats to fix both the wheelchair and the original seats. The new disabled vehicle options is equipped with a new rear pneumatic suspension system that allows the vehicle to always maintain the ideal position and the correct height from the ground, regardless of the load and the number of people present in the vehicle. With a single conditioning, you can choose between different interchangeable configurations instantly for the client.

  • Driver in a wheelchair and passenger in the front seat
  • Companion in a wheelchair and driver in the original front seat
  • Driver and passenger in a wheelchair
  • Driver and passenger in the original front seats

4, 5, 6 and 7 * In all cases whenever you can position another wheelchair in the rear of the passenger compartment, without avatar the two rear seats. (* Configuration possible only if the maximum weight allowed is not exceeded).

New disabled vehicle options:

  • Innovation and Personalization
  • We adapt your vehicle with the latest advances in driving aids, transportation and access to the vehicle.
  • The best quality at the best price
  • The best controls for driving and all kinds of solutions for transport

Near your house

With the most important Network of Workshops in the sector, you can adapt your vehicle near your home and travel throughout the country with peace of mind. Each time there is a larger fleet of taxis adapted for people with disabilities. Thanks to the adaptation of their vehicles, taxi drivers open the market to a group of people with needs to move with maximum autonomy.

Traveling by new disabled vehicle options is the most personalized means of transportation that exists after the private vehicle. With the new disabled vehicle options today is comfortable, safe, very practical and within reach of almost everyone. Fortunately, every time there is a larger fleet of taxis adapted for people with disabilities, with reduced mobility and for the elderly. Thanks to the adaptation of their vehicles, new disabled vehicle options drivers open the market to a group of people with needs to move from one place to another with maximum autonomy. In this sense, we could say that an adapted taxi is synonymous with integration and freedom.

For taxi drivers, there are endless solutions and technical aids for your vehicle aimed at making the transport of your passengers easier and safer. Among these, the most requested solution is the installation of electric steps in the side doors. The electric steps save the distance that exists between the street floor and the interior of the vehicle, helping especially the elderly so that the effort of getting on and off the taxi is less.

For passengers traveling in a wheelchair, the installation of folding ramps on the back of the taxi is a very practical solution so that they can get on and off the vehicle in a comfortable and practical way. Also, once inside the vehicle, wheelchairs can be fixed to the ground by installing anchors. These offer the user a stable and safe travel. In the case of those new disabled vehicle options that do not have sufficient height inside so that a passenger in a wheelchair can travel comfortably, the installation of a roof cap becomes the perfect solution. The cap is a modification that is made in a part of the roof so that the traveler can move seated comfortably without the head colliding with the top of the vehicle.

New disabled vehicle options always next to taxi professionals, offers these and many more solutions in adapting vehicles to make life easier and safer for everyone. In this section, we present some of the latest adaptations of vehicles made by the new disabled vehicle options Car team, always at the service of improving the quality of life of people with reduced mobility or disability.

Adaptation of vehicle for person in a wheelchair : Ford Transit Custom fully adapted so that the person with reduced mobility or disability can access the back of the vehicle without any impediment.

INSTALLATION OF GUIDOSIMPLEX MULTIFUNCTION SATELLITE IN VEHICLE : Control unit for activation of lights, turn signals, horn, emergency lights and windshield wipers with one hand. A new disabled vehicle option is specially designed for drivers with reduced mobility.

ADAPTATION OF COMPLETE VEHICLE : Mercedes Vito adapted for disabled people in a wheelchair. Access to the driving area from the rear: automatic gate, electric platform, swivel seat, rim accelerator.

ELECTRIC ANCHORING IN FLOOR FOR FIXING WHEELCHAIR : Installation of an electric anchor in a vehicle adapted to fix a wheelchair to the ground and ensure a comfortable and safe trip for the user with the physical disability. It is an anchoring for manual or electric wheelchairs.

FLOORING OF FLOOR IN RENAULT KANGOO MAXI FOR WHEELCHAIR : Adaptation Renault Kangoo Maxi vehicle to facilitate access and transport of people in wheelchairs inside the car; the vehicle with space for 5 passengers + 1 in a wheelchair.

AUTOMATED RAMP INSTALLATION HYDRAULIC SUSPENSION, VEHICLE ADAPTATION : Ramp into to access the vehicle in a wheelchair adaptation of hydraulic suspension system, and an installation of anchors to fix the chair during the transport.

ELECTRIC LIFTING PLATFORM IN CRUZ RED CRANE : Installation of the electric platform in Nissan NV400 is to favor the access and transport of people in wheelchairs inside; installation of two folding seats and anchors on the floor.

In the professional workshop of our cars, the adaptation has consisted of the transformation of the interior body of the vehicle to achieve the necessary height required by law for the safe and comfortable transport of any person who moves in a wheelchair. The floor recess is made in those vehicles that do not have the interior height that guarantees the correct displacement of a wheelchair patient.