Two way SMS messaging refers to the technique which involves using keywords and short codes to deliver text messages to various cellphones users. However, a 2 way SMS texting is different from the traditional SMS texting. The end users in a 2 way SMS messaging are required to send a keyword to a per-determined short code so they receive an automatic reply afterwards. This pre-determined code could be any number such as 33333. Understanding the 2 way SMS texting can be tricky but it’s certainly not impossible. Today, world has become a social community and the credit for that, to a great extent, goes to cellphones/mobile phones. Almost every one of us own a mobile whether it’s a 16 year old teenager or a 60 year old man. Being the avid users of cellphones we all know how Text messaging works. It allows the user to share short snippets of information with another person, let it be single individual or a group of people. What marketing agencies or departments need to understand is that customers seek a genuine communication. Mobile marketing professionals understand that need of customers therefore, more and more businesses are moving towards using 2 way SMS to start a meaningful conversation with their customers. A number of brands are utilizing the tool of 2 way SMS Marketing. A 2 way SMS is a creative and advance method of communicating with the audience that was not possible previously.

To appreciate the concept of 2 way SMS marketing better let’s take an example. For instance you are a store owner who has placed a sign to invite the guests/customers to text on a predetermined code. That text message must contain a keyword. The customer should then send that text in order to join the mobile marketing club of the business entity. In this way any random customer when visits the store would see the sign and send the text containing the keyword. After the customer has sent the opt-in message, they then receive a standardized automatic 2 way SMS reply. The reply text message can be anything from a thanks for opting in to sending the customer a onetime redeemable mobile coupon. It could even be a message inviting them into a text to win contest. Hence, the possibilities are endless. A 2 way SMS messaging is the route to be creative with the marketing strategy and connect with your audience in real time.

2 way SMS is very exciting and fun because it gives you the opportunity to deliver conversational style marketing messages. It is not just classical advertising, it is real communication which makes the audience feel welcomed and generates a genuine response which ensures long term customer loyalty. Don’t limit yourself with a standard keyword campaign that will get your message across rather be more innovative such as a trivia style campaign will create a better interaction with your customer no matter wherever they are. This engages the customer and makes them give the brand a few more minutes of attention which increases the chances of you converting a sale and making more profits. There are plenty of options so be as inventive and dynamic as you can be.

Did you know the 25th anniversary of the text message is quickly approaching?! Shocked? Yeah, it is pretty amazing to see how far the world of SMS marketing has come especially with the beauty of 2-way SMS. A 2 way SMS benefits both small organizations and big businesses alike and even the audiences so it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Based on studies conducted it has come to knowledge that the biggest complaint from most customers is that they don’t feel connected with the businesses and services that they are provided. By the practice of an automatic SMS system we are showing the customers that they are valued and that their concerns are duly noted. With a 2 way SMS when you text the customer it remind them that you are there and you care enough about that connection to provide them with a response. It is a small gesture that goes a long way!

Contact ULTRA SMS SCRIPT today and find out what pre-built SMS marketing application is best for you. Maybe your businesses would benefit from functionality of a fully documented SMS API but either way it will make you save time, money and your resources. When you use an automated SMS marketing application, whether you want one solitary message to be used in response to those who send you a message, or you want to base different responses off keywords, it is a true way to connect with the people who will be loyal to your business and what you do.

Many businesses believe that messaging is especially suited for targeting the youth or businesses that have young customers that have high touch points and prospects. Yes, it is true that millennials prefer to send text message and sectors like retail, education, nonprofit and finance are likely to engage better with their target audience with the means of a 2 way SMS. However, you cannot eliminate the rest of the audience. Keeping the target market in mind is a strategy but taking into consideration the concerns of all the customers is rather a greater and better approach for delivering exceptional client service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

A 2 way SMS service complements your other modes of communication such as channels like email and calling. This ascents the response rate of to almost 70%. Business can follow up on an unread email or an unanswered call with a simple and concise text message to prompt the customer to reply and engage with the business and vice versa. Whether you are in marketing, sales, Human Resource or support, a 2 way SMS will make certain that you have a good relationship with your customer. A personalized communication channel like the 2 way SMS messaging can help you make the customer involve in a real time participation though which you win and retain customers.