Do your Demand Planning and Forecasting roles with Anaplan’s Help

If you run a serious business, get a qualified supply and demand planning professional. This is a sensitive job position that should be filled by a person who has an excellent education background and ample work experience. The best demand planner has a deep understanding of what goes on in the logistics, marketing, manufacturing, sales and finance departments. Additionally, the right candidate must possess unrivalled arithmetic, analytical and statistical skills.

Further, they should have excellent communication skills to consult departmental heads across the business. A perfect demand planner should have the knack to maintain contacts with third parties – customers and suppliers, in an effective manner. Their main role is to ensure that parties within the organization and outside the organization agree about the demand forecast in place. Without doubt, this seems to be a mightily talented individual who is also passionate about their work.

But does such an employee exist? The answer is a big yes, and they enjoy doing their work via automated tools such as the one provided by This tool simplifies their difficult and taxing role, and enables them to work quickly without producing mistakes. With Anaplan’s tool for demand planning, one can expect the following benefits.

  • Quicker and easier collaborate across organizational departments and clients. The flexible tool offers maximum user experience.
  • Use forecast analytics to comprehend forecast shifts and drivers of change.
  • Make use of a pre-made app in the cloud to execute in record time and adjust it whenever you wish.
  • Use adjustable rules to segment your products and evaluate your forecasts.
  • Use pre-set connectors and APIs, such as CRM and ERP, to merge with legacy systems. Even without integrating data, you can easily link to Anaplan’s other apps.
  • Make sure that new promotions, products and irregular demand are more accurate through modelling and automated forecasting options.

Even if you will use automated method of planning your supply and demand functions, you should employ excellent professionals. By doing so, you will get software and not worry about proper usage. A qualified demand planner with economic and applied mathematics knowledge will run the application well. Additionally, the person can explain their actions and decisions to people who don’t have any knowledge or expertise in demand forecasting. Thus, hiring someone with charismatic leadership skills is the way forward.

They will be able to lead by collaboration and influence people. An employee with prior experience doing complex, analytical work is almost ripe for hire. Being able to crunch numbers is fine, but making the same numbers tangible and plausible for those who don’t understand demand forecasting is a must. Being assertive and confident is imperative too, as the demand planer has to face conflicting interests among various business functions. Demand and supply planning is broad, so you might have to hire more than one person.

Otherwise, you should get a real expert who can lead the entire S&OP (Sales and Operations Planning) function. This individual has to have some IT knowledge and the ability to speak fluently and influence the group he or she is leading. As aforesaid, a demand planner is someone who must collaborate with various departments. To be able to retain such an employee, your company should beef up its motivation techniques. Swapping their tasks of planning demand and supply and taking them to a new department for a short while might relieve boredom and routine.

Having inspirational programs is a sensible way to stop your demand planners from focusing on just one way of solving problems or working. These programs can help your planners shift their analytical and statistical minds to being customer-oriented. Above all, get them Anaplan’s demand planning software so they can automate their difficult roles.