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5 Ways You Can Teach Your Kids Cooking Skills

Cooking can be a fun activity for kids. Encouraging them to join you in the kitchen at a very young age can spark an interest in them. They will also learn some skills that could be beneficial to them as they grow. When a child understands that water has to boil for certain meals to be prepared, it could be a great lesson in patience. Something kids don’t have an abundance of.

All kids are not the same, and this will affect the ability of each child as they work with you in the kitchen to cook. Understanding this aids how you apportion activities in the kitchen to each child. The age of each child also matters as it determines the level of understanding and handling cooking tools and equipment. But the most important concern is safety in the kitchen. Both yours and theirs. Here, too, their age comes into play. In Norway, Norskeanmeldelser is home to reviews on cooking tools and equipment.

Here are 5 cool ways you can encourage kids to develop good cooking habits.

1.  Sprinkling Dough

A great activity to allow them to do with you when decorating a cake with icing sugar, rolling dough for pie, or any other activity like that. Ensure they don’t overdo it and make a mess. For Norwegians, slikkepott is the one place to shop for all baking and pastries needs.

2. Vegetable washing

For the very little ones (2-3years) this is a fun activity to do together. Prop up a stool near the sink and do some vegetable washing. It’s also great for teaching them the names, types, and colors of vegetables. Another great way of getting them to try out new food.

3. Stirring

Before doing this, ensure that the pot and contents are cool enough to their touch to avoid burns. As you add ingredients into the pot, allow them to stir but guide their hands so they don’t spill the boiling food on you both.

4. Mashing

This also will require that the items to be mashed are cool enough for them to touch. And guide them in using a fork or the potato masher. Remember, safety is your primary focus. First, peel the potatoes before putting them in a hard bowl that you will hold down for them as they mash the food.

5. Dough cutting

Older kids can help to roll, shape, and cut dough. Get plastic cutters and a small-sized rolling pin for them. Cut out a small piece of dough for them and ask them to roll the dough as you do so.

Having kids in the kitchen with you should be fun, interactive, and exciting. The goal is to get them interested in cooking and doing so in a fun way because kids learn through fun. They will ask you questions and this could be exhausting coupled with the stress of cooking. Try as much as you can to answer their questions without showing signs of tiredness.