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All You Need to Know about Electric Griddles

Breakfast is one of the imprtant meals of a day, and it’s prepared chiefly on flat smooth cooking surfaces. Are you a brunch lover? If so, you’re probably aware of electric griddles. They are the ultimate selection for cooking bacon, eggs, toast, pancakes, burgers, etc.
So, why are electric griddles popular? They are easy to use and can cook a variety of foods for breakfast and other meals throughout the day. If you’re looking forward to purchasing an electric griddle, this post is what you need. It explains all details related to such griddles, including benefits, factors to consider, and answers related questions.

What is an Electric Griddle?

It’s a type of griddle that uses an electric heating element beneath the cooking surface. The cooking surface is flat and smooth and has a ridge around the edges to prevent juices or grease from spilling. The excess juices and oils cooked out of food are collected in a detachable drip pan/tray/reservoir.

Most electric griddles have a non-stick cooking surface. Heat controls are other outstanding features of electric griddles. Also, they feature a compact style and are lightweight; therefore, they easily fit on your kitchen countertop. Most of them are suitable for countertop or tabletop uses.

Lastly, electric griddles are smokeless and are of different types. Below are different types of electric griddles:

  • A basic detachable griddle
  • Glass lid reversible griddle grill
  • Tilt and Drain Mid-Tier Aluminum grill
  • Ceramic griddle and warming tray
  • Electric griddle grill combo


What are the Benefits of an Electric Griddle?

• Versatility

Electric griddles have a large cooking surface area that allows you to cook a lot of foods. Also, you cook a variety of foods on a flat smooth surface all at once. Therefore, it eliminates the hassle of cooking different food on various pans for a single meal. For instance, you can cook some steak, eggs, bacon, pancakes, burger patties, and onions on the same griddle all at once. However, the amount of food you can cook on an electric griddle depends on its size.

• Easy cleanup

Most electric griddles feature a non-stick cooking surface or coating, simple designs, and a detachable cooking tray. Therefore, cleaning such griddles after use is hassle-free and requires minimal effort.

Some electric griddles, such as the Atgrills electric griddle, are dishwasher safe and only require you to remove the thermostat for easy cleanup. Others have a removable griddle surface that you easily clean in a sink.

You don’t have to worry about scrubbing the cooking surface since food doesn’t stick. Also, all the excess oils and juices are channeled to the drip tray; thus, you don’t have to deal with grease all over the griddle.

• Ease of use

Electric griddles feature user-friendly yet straightforward designs. Therefore, cooking on them is easy. Also, the heat control setting on the griddle is significant since you can easily adjust heat to your specific food requirements.

• Healthier cooking

As highlighted above, electric griddles have a non-stick cooking surface. Therefore, you don’t need grease on the griddle, and if cooking oil is required, it’s in minimal amount.

Due to the high heat, food drain excess fat and juices that flow to the drip tray. Therefore, the griddled food that ends up on your plate has less fat.

• Compact and lightweight

Most electric griddles have a simple style and are lightweight. It enhances portability and easy storage.

Due to its compact nature, you can use it indoors and outdoors as long as you have an electric power outlet.

• Even heating

The heating element on an electric griddle is designed to distribute heat evenly on the griddle surface. You’ll hardly experience unheated spots on the cooking surface. So, your food cooks uniformly and at the same rate.


What are the Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Griddle?

The market has hundreds of electric griddle models. Therefore, choosing the right one can be tricky, more so for first-time buyers. Below are some of the factors you should consider when buying an electric griddle.

1. Size

Different models and designs come in different sizes. What is the number of people you’ll be cooking for? Or what is the size of your family? These are the questions you should answer if you want to choose an electric griddle of the ideal size.

If you have a family of two to four, a medium-sized griddle is perfect. A larger electric griddle is suitable if you have a larger family or a significant number of people for a party.
However, you must consider the available space in your house. For instance, a medium or mini electric griddle is not bad if you live in an apartment.

2. Griddle surface coating

Consider an electric griddle that has a non-stick coating on the cooking surface. Food does not stick and allows you to cook a variety of food with minimal cooking oil. Subsequently, it will enable easy cleaning after use.

3. Ease to use and clean

If you choose an electric griddle non-stick cooking surface, everything will be hassle-free from cooking and cleaning. However, griddles with a simple design are easier to clean and cook on than complex models.

Also, ensure the grill you select has essential features such as heat controls, sturdy handles, and a drip tray.

4. Heat controls/Thermostat

Heat is one of the vital factors determining your cooking experience and the result of your foods. Therefore, don’t hesitate to select an electric griddle that offers a feature for heat control like a thermostat. With heat control, you can cook a variety of foods (different food need different temperature range) on the same appliance and get incredible results.

If you select a large-sized electric griddle, consider one with dual thermostats. It allows splitting the temperatures on the same griddle for different foods.

5. Drip trays

Are you looking for clean, healthy, and less messy cooking? You have to choose an electric griddle with a drip tray that collects all that fat from cooking.

6. Price

Lastly, price is one of the significant factors you ought to consider while choosing an electric griddle. How much do you wish to spend?

Electric griddles cuts across all budgets from affordable to expensive options. You can even get a standard, yet quality electric griddle and it depends on the designs, manufacturer, size, and model you want to buy.

However, you should not pay too much on the cost and ignore the quality of the griddle.


A. Is an electric griddle worth it?

An electric griddle offers many advantages. It’s affordable and offers even heating. It’s also versatile, easy to use, and clean. Most importantly, it is a suitable option for indoor cooking.

B. Do I need to season an electric griddle?

Seasoning the cooking surface of the griddle is good. However, most electric griddles come with a non-stick surface that doesn’t require seasoning.

C. How long does an electric griddle take to heat up?

Preheating an electric griddle takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the model and a griddle’s temperature range.

Some electric griddles come and preheat an indicator that automatically turns off once it’s heated.